Make These 6 Simple Tweaks to Book More Ideal Clients

Make These 6 Simple Tweaks to Book More Ideal Clients

Hey service provider!

Would you like to attract more ideal clients and fewer PITA (pain in the a$$) clients?

We already know that you do great work that is totally worth the price.The problem is that this isn’t necessarily coming across in your marketing.

Most experts suffer from the curse of knowledge:

The problem is that once we know something—say, the melody of a song—we find it hard to imagine not knowing it. Our knowledge has “cursed” us. We have difficulty sharing it with others, because we can’t readily re-create their state of mind. Harvard Business Review

In short? You are making a lot of assumptions about what your target clients know about what you do. And it's costing you thousands of dollars.

Here are 3 examples of how the Curse of Knowledge can show up for service-based businesses:

  • Your core message is vague. You use abstract terms like “gain confidence” or “get to the next level” to describe the results of what you do. Your target clients don’t know what you mean. (And they’re never going to tell you).

  • It’s not clear what’s included in your package. Because you’re the one who invented the package, your brain assumes it’s obvious what’s included. It’s not!

  • You assume your clients know your boundaries. You wind up frustrated that clients are emailing you too much, not doing their work on time, or not giving helpful feedback. In reality, it’s your job to tell them how you expect these things done and what they can expect from you.


Your work with me page must speak directly to their specific problem and desired outcome.

Learn how to do this at our free workshop:

6 tweaks to make in your marketing to book more clients:

#1 - Give your offer a clear name.

The name of the product should tell me what it is. Clarity is WAY more important than cleverness here (and everywhere in your copy to be honest).

Here are some examples of clever/branded names I just made up off the top of my head that do NOT pass the clarity test because they don't tell you anything about what they are:

  • "The Wham Bam Club"
  • "Ignite Your Life Membership"
  • "Freedom Accelerator"

Those examples are silly, but not that silly. We constantly encouter businesses trying to sell offers with names that are just as (if not more) vague.

Note: We're beeing just a smidge cheeky. The name obviously can't communicate everything about your offer, but it should do the heavy lifting.

Coming up with a name is hard. The Name Your Shit Kit can help!

#2 - Paint a word picture of the experience of working with you on your work with me page

If you have a business and a heartbeat, chances are your work with me page needs a little help in the giving-the-details-people-need-to-know-before-they-buy department.

The BIGGEST mistake business owners make on their sales pages is not giving enough information about what's included in the offer, how it's organized, what the experience will be from start to finish.

People tell us all the time that the most unexpected benefit they got from using The Sales Page Kit was that it forced them to make decisions about what is included in their offer.

As a service provider, you need to show people:

  1. The 3-6 step process you do with your clients
  2. What will happen at each step
  3. What's included in terms of resources, deliverables, tools, etc

The Sales Page Kit walks you though this one step at a time!

#3 - Reframe and overcome their biggest objections ninja-style

People will TELL YOU that the reason they're not hiring is either time or money (or both), but that's never the full story.

You should ALWAYS assume that the reason someone didn't hire you is because they were not 100% convinced that the offer would deliver the outcome they desire.

The hesitations, fears, and doubts they have about your offer are often subconscious (that's why they say it's about time/money).

The trick? Overcome your potential clients' subconscious objections to working with you BEFORE they even apply or get on a call with you.

You can do this with well crafted content in the form of social media posts, blog posts, emails, etc.

But one of our favorite ways to overcome objections is with what we call a Magical Mini Webinar that you put at the top of your work with me page.

#4 - Host sales calls that don’t feel anything like sales calls

The 2 biggest mistakes service providers make on sales calls:

1. Trying to sell on the call (I know, seems obvious)

2. Not knowing how to end the call

The trick? The client should be 90% sold by the time they get on the call.

It is your work with me page's job to sell the client, so make sure it's doing it's job! The purpose of a "sales" call is to answer questions, establish rapport, go over the offer verbally, and decide if the prospect is a good fit.

So how do you close the deal on the call without turning bright red and feeling like a sleazy idiot? We talk about that in The Lazy Sales Call Script.

#5 - Flip the way you think about people pleasing + perfectionism on its head

Your biggest obstacle when it comes to attracting ideal clients? YOUR OWN DAMN BRAIN.

Your brain is telling you that people pleasing makes people happy and that perfectionism is about having high standards.

Your brain is wrong.

People pleasing and perfectionism are lies and they are based in fear.

People pleasing and perfectionism are both ways of trying to control how other people think about you.

People pleasing and perfectionism are causing you to become resentful of perfectly good clients because you have not set clear expectations.

3 boundaries every service provider should have:

1. Client communication - Your clients should know how to contact you, when they can expect a response, the amount of access they get to you, how to schedule a call with you (if applicable), how to provide feedback, etc.

2. Deadlines - You must firmly and clearly tell your clients when you need them to submit or complete tasks and at what level of quality. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

3. Payment - You must have clear language about how much it costs to work with you, when payment is due, and how to pay.

The shocking irony? Your clients will thank you for these boundaries (the right ones, anyway. Setting boundaries is great because it shows you who the non-ideal clients are!)

Shifting this mindset will require you to examine your beliefs. Check out the Rewire Your Brain: Perfectionism, People Pleasing, and Boundaries lesson!

#6 - Gather testimonials from every single client with a system

Are you twiddling your thumbs waiting for clients to spontaneously decide to send you a breathtaking testimonial about the incredible results they've gotten from working with you?

Question: Have YOU ever sent a spontaneous testimonial like this to someone?

Probably not (and if you did, it probably wasn't formatted the way a testimonial should be).

If you want the kind of testimonials that get sales you need to have a system to do 3 things:

1. Request testimonials

2. Collect testimonials

3. Use testimonials in your marketing

We can show you how to do all 3 in Get Great Testimonials!

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